A little bit about me , the owner of adzcash.info. 

Husband, father of 4 children i love, and grandfather at 49--of grandchildren im not supposed to spoil, lol ops to late.

Only have one tattoo , just 3 letter on my left arm they are   LHR   in old english and highlighted in modern warefare green, stands for Loyalty,Honor,Respect-values i live by every day of my life!

10 +years as member of various PTC,TE,mailers.  seen it all from scammers to members causing panic that kills a site.

owner of blogs sites and websites.

owner of another ptc i bough completely abandoned by the old owner and am restoring that, will let you all know when its time.

been burned by many admins over the years and , watched many site fail due to unrealistic earning promises and extreme membership prices.

i started this PTC to offer you REALISTIC earnings, this is not an investment or hyip site, its an advertising site. HAVE you 
ever been paid for watching a add on tv? NOPE---so any ad you watch here you will get rewarded for either in cash, or points that can be used for cash or advertising.

I am a firm believer in team work, and do my best to help.

I have made videos and FAQ with answers to help, and of course i will always respond to a question, please allow me a day as i do have a full time regular job and a family.

in short, I AM HERE for long term, if you want stable realistic advertising and earnings, join us! if your what they call a pump and dump person who doesnt care about their fellow members, or loves to cause drama--  then dont bother with joining this comunity.

any other questions, if you cant find answer in FAQ or videos,ect ask me..


ADMIN  by the way, my name is GREG.

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