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How do daily cash memberships work? #1
Posted on 12:14 am 08/04/2017
AWESOME news !

the new daily cash memberships let you choose monthly or yearly.

they work quit simply, buy giving you daily cash added to your account regardless of your ads viewed or what your referrals do.
this means no more worrying about anything, as if you miss a day, you still earn 8

all of them you will earn x-amount daily and a join bonus of cash and you earn from your referrals purchases also! .

example, you purchase our one membership that gives you 0.03 every day---so for the whole month, every 24 hours 0.03 is added to your account the whole 30 days! this is extra as when you view ads you are also paid for the ads to!!!!!
.1 Month
5% Downline Earnings
$0.01 PTP CPM
5% Referral Commission
0.015 Cash Daily
0.05 Cash Upon Joining
200 Link Credits Upon Joining
300 Exchange Credits Upon Joining
1500 Banner Credits Upon Joining
1650 Featured Ad Credits Upon Joining
1799 Featured Banner Credits Upon Joining
I wanted to reward our members with SMART memberships that gave them cash rewards back. --these are not investments, as you are receiving a reward for membership and its its only cash back------
other sites go bankrupt by lies and promising more than they can put out-we want to stay in business and reward you for being with us, after all, you have memberships at other ptc site right? do they give you any cash back on it? no-

this is so cool and easy , and it rewards your activity---even have one for a year-go get one its simple,smart and easy---also any question about it pm me ill answer you.
Re: How do daily cash memberships work? #2
Posted on 4:11 pm 08/18/2017
Re: How do daily cash memberships work? #3
Posted on 7:43 pm 10/22/2017
@ mersi,
thank you for the thumbs up-i believe most members do not understand as they are not used to actually getting rewarded from their other sites, a few have got them and those few keep them, ---so EVERYBODY, you get a cash back with some of the memberships, try them , as 99.9999% of the other sites do not have this and its not an investment, just real cash back reward for your purchuase. try one!

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