Buxpaid ptc #1
Posted on 10:56 pm 08/22/2018
BUXPAID.INFO www.buxpaid.info .

Is our sister site. this site is very active, has good members and fair prices including a super membership of $5.00 a month that pays you $2.50 for each of your referrals when they upgrade, meaning you can make a lot. the site has low 0.50 cent payout for upgraded members and 2.00 payouts for free members.

CaSH back memberships, that earn you daily cash back off the original price into your account. they are not investment or ponzi ad packs ,they are , simply going to give you cash on the cost of your membership and i dont know of any ptc site that does unique and very rewarding.

look at the currant promotions for that site as i will post them here.

join us at buxpaid.info by clicking the link below, and enjoy!
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Re: Buxpaid ptc #2
Posted on 11:43 pm 08/22/2018
NEW SKRILL promo trough last day of sept 2018.

SKRILL to add money to your purchase account. Very easy---sign up free and get a free skrill account with this link SIGN UP FREE HERE..Then send the amount you want added to your balance, say you want to add 10.00 any amount over $2.00, to my skrill account at gregfinch67@gmail.com....once you send it then send me a private message from your account and send it to admin. include your username on this site and the amount you sent, give me a little time ill add it with in a day . all right you guys have been asking so go ahead and use skrill if you want to.....SKRILL PROMOTION!.--add 3.00 get extra 1.00 bonus!---add 5.00 and get extra 2.50 added... add 10.00 get 5.00 bonus added...adding 20.00 will get you 10.00 bonus..add 50.00 and get 25.00 bonus!! and free 6 months for one of your ads on rotatemylinks.com!+ 6 month upgrade to buxpaid mini cash back , for you long term members, any any amount over 75.00 will be doubled! so if you add 75.00 it will be doubled to 150.00! + get 12 months buxpaid pro membership that gives you cash back every day--look at the membership bennifits as example.PROMOTION ENDS LAST DAY OF SEPTEMBER 2018. best regards everyone.


join us at buxpaid below by clinking the link--many videos and help guides

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