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how i add funds to purchuase items #1
Posted on 9:22 pm 03/19/2017
dear members, one of the latest upgrades was the ability for you to be able to add funds. Paypal, payza and now .BITCOIN!

I have sent email and in case you missed it here is a link on the latest upgrades and how to ad funds to your account, please click the link below.
and goto # 3 and read." rel="nofollow" title="" target="_blank" >

basically you go to store, select item to buy, the it ask you how you want to buy,-- click on purchuase balance. ---then it will say you do not have funds and you can click on to add. it will then as you how you want to add funds, Bitcoin? paypal? payza? you have choices, so use the one you want to and remember our bitcoin processor takes 60 total differeant coins!!!

regards admin

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