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How to make money with offerwals #1
Posted on 3:27 am 03/29/2017
Dear members,

more exciting news, today we opened up 4 offer walls for you to make money from.

these offerwalls will be here daily so you always have ads to earn from and also you can earn many ways.

surveys, offers,ptc,tasks,ect. each company has many offers including videos sometimes. so under earnings area tab click complete offers and it takes you to a page to choose from 4 differeant ones as of now. each one has multiple ways to earn--remember every single click ads up-smart clickers know this-so use them. we do have terms added in our terms area if you would like to read them. for now i have a video you can click the link to and -SIGN UP for new updates when we get videos, its free and you stay updated!

heres your video link" rel="nofollow" title="" target="_blank" >

and of course in our FAQ section i have already got it there for you also.

ENJOY and happy clicking-admin
Re: How to make money with offerwals #2
Posted on 4:54 pm 04/03/2017
1. Can't earn for PTCWall several times but if can do the PTCWall, I can't recieved anything.
2. PTCWall problems that I faced on is when click on upside down captcha, it always says that I was wrong and got penalty everytime.
Re: How to make money with offerwals #3
Posted on 10:46 pm 04/03/2017
try deleting your history on your browser, and clear any cookies from cach. The way offer walls works is, as admin i can have it credit your account instantly--(thats what its set on. or i can have it hold as pending and wait to get reimbursement from their company)------however that means i have to pay members out before the company reimburses me ,so since they are a 3rd party company it might take a day to credit. although it should show up right away. there is a cron that runs the offerwall and it resets every 24 hours , so it may not have reset yet depending when you are on. i did however re-set the cron and re start it for the offerwalls. many members are using it , and they seam just maybe your connection, browser ect.

any issue like this just send me a pm, i see that before the forum .

REMEMBER to read the terms the company sets, some clik are not valid for 24-48 hours or longer if its a survey-so do not immediately think your not getting paid, that is a common mistake as most people dont read.

regards admin
Re: How to make money with offerwals #4
Posted on 10:56 pm 04/29/2017
many offer walls to choose from you guys, i try to help you out money wise by having them in. also offertorro has some high paying surveys as lately and check often as they come and go but i see now they have some for over $4.00 usd and $7.00usd-a few of about $1.50 usd can be done daily while they last!

so use them, i noticed only a few and those are the one that are making more money !!

regards admin
Re: How to make money with offerwals #5
Posted on 9:04 pm 08/01/2017
we have several offer walls to earn from, and making extra money is a good thing right? lol

we have

PTCWALL ClixWall Wannads Offertoro

all have ptc ads also and some have surveys , lots to chose from just depends on how you want to make some extra money, we credit most offers instantly unless its rejected by the offering site. so use them!!
Re: How to make money with offerwals #6
Posted on 7:40 pm 10/22/2017
COIN walls is now added in our offerwalls area you get your free btc their also!!

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