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Surfing PTC Ads #1
Posted on 5:13 am 11/20/2016
Surfing PTC Ads instead of clicking on each one. It will save plenty of time and monotony. I prefer to use the extra second reading the ad instead of clicking. I do like the new format and blue and white colors of the site. It helps ease my eyeball strain.
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Re: Surfing PTC Ads #2
Posted on 7:07 pm 11/20/2016
with this new software upgrade, you can surf all links just by clicking the green button that say surf all links. and yes it helps out, one of the reasons i wanted to up grade was to make it easier for everyone.

hope everyone likes the new site.
Re: Surfing PTC Ads #3
Posted on 3:25 pm 11/21/2016
Admin, I need a "Close" button on all pages when surf PTC, PTR, ClixGrid. It may be easier than before....try it Admin
Re: Surfing PTC Ads #4
Posted on 7:10 pm 11/21/2016
i will pass that on to the programmer, see what he says.

nice idea

Re: Surfing PTC Ads #5
Posted on 6:19 am 12/05/2016
Thanks for the surfing ads. This is easier 8

Don't forget to proofread.
Last edited by mariee on 6:21 am 12/05/2016

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