hello all, lets try posting! #1
Posted on 7:38 pm 12/22/2016
well, i set up country forums as requested by some members, so please use guys!
Re: hello all, lets try posting! #2
Posted on 2:55 am 01/08/2017
Why isn't anyone posting?
Re: hello all, lets try posting! #3
Posted on 5:07 pm 01/19/2017
i realy dont know?

i have seen other sites were the admin announces some problem or some expensive membership no on can afford and people will post hearts and thank you lol-i try posting honest legit stuff and not much activity? weird, i set up the country forums as people asked for them and no one uses them. i guess in a while if not used ill remove most of them. also they can post ads in forum, and may not know they can do that as people who are not members read the forum. so interesting-i wish you all would use the forums, its a great way to network also. and thank you mariee for posting here.

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