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PROMO untill we hit 10,000 #1
Posted on 11:53 pm 01/09/2017
Dear members,

we have had steady growth from day 1 and i want this new year to be a great one for our comunity. So i have made a new trial membership that every new person who joins gets to try us out!! untill we hit 10,000 members. so promote away the details can be found on this page on our site . this link is clickable so click it! " rel="nofollow" title=" " target="_blank" >

THNKING about joining then take a look as we also pay members for every direct referral 0.02 and 99 points. most site do not pay anything. and we have daily,weekly and monthly contest every day ,every month. we also have video help guides and much more. in short we have a great comunity being built with very active members, and the goal is to expand our membership! i am confident this new offer will really help you all out----of course if you want you can purchuase the trail for just 0.99 if you want to.

regards admin---------what you think about this, post it here
Re: PROMO untill we hit 10,000 #2
Posted on 11:50 am 02/05/2017
Like the promo. Have been promoting it heavily!

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