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Cash out for free members. 

Must upgrade to cash out, this ensures you earn from your referrals,and ensures

only honest active members

Payments for ads & memberships

NO refunds.

Please do not buy unless you want the product as its instantly delivered to your account .

To buy Advertisements or memberships We will take Paypal., SKRIL and coin payments, with over 400 coins supported there a lot you can use.

at this moment . Payza is not being used as they are under investigation again. 

payment of taxes.

You are solely responsible for paying any and all taxes owed from your earnings here. and its owners/co owners are not responsible for your taxes.

If you have a tax question , please ask a tax specialist in your area for advice as we can not and will not give any advice on your taxes.

Payment processors please read!!

Dear members,

in order to use a payment processor, you must abide by processor rules.

your account must be in good standing with the processor .

We will not knowing allow any advertising of products that violate a payment processors terms of service.

If you do not know, then please visit your payment processor site and read their terms of service.

Payments can not be made to countries that are banned by a processors. again see their terms.

example--you use payza-goto and read terms and pricing.

same with paypal or any other processor as we will not lose our good standing over breaking rules

. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS--you get what you buy instantly and therefor no refunds.

DO not purchase any item if you are going to ask for a refund.

this causes problems with processors and affects all members.

doing so can result in your account being zeroed out and removed.

you agree to this as soon as you join.

members doing so will lose their accounts and agree to this by being a member of our site.

Join requirments

You must be 18 years old and considered a legal adult in the country you live. You must have a valid email address and payment processor such as paypal. you understand that there are no refunds and no guarantee of any earning! You must agree to the terms of this website and follow them.

Cash Outs for Paid Members

Payed members EARN UP to 55% COMMISSION AND 15% PURCHASE FROM EVERY REFERRAL. depending on you membership . Plus, paid members also have shorter cash out time. Minimum cash out Paypal 2.00, Payza $2.00 Paid out in order received. All payments done manually for security reasons. PAYMENT may take up to 48 hours so please have patience----- can request payout according to membership , each membership has time frame and random payouts do not go by time frame as they are random bonus if you sign up for them . see video in video guide section. when new payment options are available we will email all members of the update. FOR NOW we only use PAYPAL, and PAYZA and SKRILL

Advertising Terms

-- The website must not contain terrorist, pornographic,hate, racist, discriminating, vulgar, illegal, or other adult materials of any kind.
-- The website must not contain any frame breakers.
-- The website must be English.
-- The website must not contain or promote any viruses.
-- The website must not contain ANY promts such as download dialog s or confirmation alerts.
-- The website must not exceed the 1 popup/pop under limit.
-- The website single popup/pop under must not open any new windows.
-- The website single popup/pop under must not break any of the above terms.
All purchases are final and (none refundable) Do not purchase any advertising if you are going to ask for a refund and your product is delivered instantly and therefor no refunds given.

Account security

We will do our best to keep site safe, with that said IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep your account safe. Do not give out your password or sensitive information to anyone. You release ,admin of and all others of any and all liability resulting from any problem with your account, wether real or imaganary.

False Representation

We do not tolerate anyone who uses false information to get referrals.

Forum Rules

We have a members only forum. You are welcome to use it, please follow these guideline. --please do not spam the forum. --be respectful of other members and Staff. --No crude,vulgar language, cursing,ect. --Use common sense. if you wouldn't say in front of your grandmother,then dont post it here. --The forum is a privilege,not a right, so do not abuse it. Or you may lose your account and or earnings. --Have fun, stay positive . regards ADMIN

Change Of terms

This agreement can change. Although we have the right to change this agreement without any prior notice to our members, we will send out a notice to all of our members the new terms and/or terms that have changed changed. If for any reason you do not accept the changes, you will need to contact us, and your account will be removed.

Hacking / Cheating / Bots

Your Account Will Be Deleted and Blocked. no auto surfing programs allow! Do not underestimate the security in place to check for such things.

Inactive Accounts

We all have problems come up in life. If your account will be inactive for a period of time exceeding 30 days please send ADMIN a email stating the time your account will be un active then when it will be active again. Failure to do so please read below. If your account has been inactive for more than 30 days, your earnings will be cleared may also no inactive clicks more then 3 day will be cleared when trying to cash out or not.

Multiple Accounts

You are not allowed to create more than 1 account per person, household or I.P. address. WITH OUT ADMIN APPROVAL If you are living in a dwelling with some one who wants to join then theses steps must be taken first . Please read. Send ADMIN and email letting us know the other persons username . They MUST HAVE their own payment processor and own valid email address. failure to get permission will result in all earning cleared fro your account. This is done to prevent cheating .


We do not believe in spam, and we are very strict on the handling of your information. The only emails you will receive are periodic emails with information about updates and issues with the site.

Offer walls

Dear members, 

offer walls have been installed as a way for you to earn much more, everyday.

the companies offering these ads, and tasks or survey, are not a part of and are not owned by or the 


while we strive to do our best for you the member, we can not and are not responsible for anything, in any way shape, or form,

from the use of these offerwalls.

Payments may be delayed occasionally as some of these companies have minimum threshold before allowing payments. is crediting your account instantly , and taking the risk they will pay us in order to pay you. with that said, 

may not be able to pay you for their offers you complete should the company you use not be able to pay us  for any reason.

you agree to hold harmless and its owner for any failure to pay, or problems arising out of use of this website.

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